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If you buy an official Arai Leon Replica Helmet you can claim a Nomination Bracelet (charm of your choice) and Leon T-Shirt for FREE! - (total value over £45)

To claim your free gifts simply purchase a helmet and when paying within PayPal specify in the notes which of the two charms you require on the bracelet (91 or HASLAM) and which T-Shirt (2016 Logo, 2015 Logo, Ladies or Kids) plus the shirt size (S/M/L/XL) - simple :-) .. and thanks for your support!

An Arai helmet is made by people who believe that excellence is everything and every helmet should be made to the highest possible standard.

Each Arai is hand made, with a unique `birth certificate' and a record kept of every step involved in its manufacturing process, from the outer shell formation to the final test tweak of its air vents.

Along the way every Arai is subjected to incredibly rigorous testing, which goes way beyond the ECE 22.05 European Union standards for motorcycle helmets and Snell for GP and Karting helmets.

Leon Haslam wouldn't ride in anything else.

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